More Than Just Coincidence

When I was 6 years old, my family moved to the small town of Watonga, Ok. Our home was near the edge of town which made it an ideal location for a small boy to play outside.

During our second summer in Watonga, I was playing in the garden of a friend of my mother. The area offered a sweeping vista to the west. After decades the memory remains he same.

I remember looking at the house next to the garden, which was east. Suddenly I heard the rumble of thunder and as I turned to the noise, I saw a single, oval shaped, boiling black cloud approximately 30 degrees above the horizon. There were absolutely no other clouds in the sky except for that one.

The next thing I could remember, I was standing in the doorway of my room. It was night and I was looking across the room to the only window. Standing outside was a short, strange looking creature. It had on a suit of some kind or maybe a uniform.

Suddenly it was morning and my mother was telling me it was time to get up. With nothing to compare the incident to, I promptly forgot about it.

The time was now 1986 and I was working as a nurse in Oklahoma City. Driving each morning to work, it was always dark. It was about 5 am, and I was on the south side of the town of Calumet, near Oklahoma City when I noticed a light in the sky moving towards me.

I stopped my car and stepped out on the side of the deserted highway. The light quickly approached and I could tell it was three lights instead of one. The round lights were arranged in a triangle pattern, and as the triangle passed over me I could see a triangle shaped craft against the star-field of the early morning sky.

Whatever it was made absolutely no sound as it continued to fly towards the north. Suddenly I recalled my childhood experience and the thought occurred to me that maybe these two incidents were somehow related.

Of course, there is no way I can currently prove that the two are related. But somewhere deep inside of me I know it was more than just coincidence.

Submitted by: Randy

UFOs Impersonating Lamp Lights

For about a week now my household has been experiencing very strange activity in our backyard, that only seems to happen at night.

My uncle’s room use to be a plant room, so half the wall is covered in huge windows that face out to our backyard. One night, he sees a street light beyond our neighbors house, that seems off. There is no way a street light should be in this particular area and to make matters stranger, this light is very very subtly, moving. I had to stand completely still to notice it. But it seems the second I fix my eyes on it, it notices.

I feel like it is trying to intimidate me because it will get brighter and sparkle and literally look like it’s getting closer to me, but I am not afraid, and I call its bluff.

After a few days, my uncle becomes encapsulated by the phenomenon, and fully engrossed into the nighttime activity. He begins to say he sees bangle tigers with blue eyes hiding in shadows, possums and cats in a flurry on the fence, and aliens called “the grey” that peek out from the high ceiling windows hanging upside down from the roof.

The last thing I want to do is call my uncle crazy and hurt his feelings or anything like that, but I looked and looked intently, I couldn’t see anything he was saying. I kept my thoughts to myself because I had already seen undeniable proof of a UFO, and maybe whatever these creatures are, have a way of showing themselves to who they wish to show themselves to.

That seems to be the case since last night was eventful. I was sitting in the backyard with my Grandmother enjoying the cool breeze and our deep conversations, when my uncle points out stars up in the sky, saying it’s an aircraft.

Sure as hell, I look up and see twinkling lights of red and blue, impersonating stars. It almost looks like I can see a line connecting from one to the other. I could not make out the big picture but I saw something abnormal in the sky that night.

I departed into the house to check on my son, when my uncle starts fully elaborating what he’s seeing to my grandmother. My Gma is extremely skeptical about such things and wasn’t as interested as she put herself off to be. But after a few short minutes, she starts exasperating and quickly gets on the inside of the sliding screen door, still peering out into the night sky.

“Oh my gosh!” She kept exclaiming. She was so in awe I don’t believe she even elaborated what she saw that night.

The next day she explained that she saw figures with heads and shoulders one after the other, standing next to each other, dark black silhouettes of a head and shoulders. As she kept her focus, one of them began moving closer to her, and that’s when she went into the house.

So far the events that have taken place that lead to substantial evidence of a Unidentified Floating Object contain;

1)Floating Orange Orbs Impersonating Street Lights (that change positions every night or so)

2)Twinkling Red/Blue Lights Impersonating Stars

3)Certain trees involved around the activity have very flat branches at the top, like something heavy has been sitting on them.

4)A video my uncles girlfriend recorded showing an orange orb (impersonating street light) manifesting and conjoining to other orbs. Incredible footage.

Me and my household serve the Lord, and the Lord tells us to fear not 365 times in the Bible. 367 times the Bible says, Fear God. I have not feared once since my naked eye has seen something I have never seen in my 25 years of life on this Earth. The more we press in, the more they are willing to show themselves. I sense a vibe of peace more than any threat.

Maybe in the near future we may see more substantial evidence. Until then, I recommend you check out the video. I will be posting it on Youtube sometime this week. The title will be ‘Orange Orbs Impersonating Street Lamps’.

Submitted by: Ash

UFO Sighting Driving From New Mexico To El Paso Texas

This story happened while driving on I-10 from New Mexico to El Paso, Texas. While I was driving I saw in the middle of the freeway on my left side, this very shiny silver craft that landed, then shot off out of sight.

Not too sue if this is a safe way to talk about, but I did get a visit by men in black and was told not to talk about it.

Here is my story:

I was driving from New Mexico to El Paso, Texas, where I live, on October 15th 2015. From the corner of my eye I saw a very shiny object which seemed to be parked on the ground on Interstate 10. When I slowed down my truck, it raised from the ground and slowly started to accelerate up. And in a blink of an eye, it went so fast, just like bullet, far away.

I was lucky enough to capture some photos…







A few weeks after the incident. I have had a very odd problem. Well don’t know if it’s a problem, or what, but for sure it was a scary issue.

I was followed from El Paso on the 54 to Ruidoso, New Mexico when I went to visit my friend that lives out there. It was a black car. I suspect they were Men in Black.

I didn’t pay much attention to them until I got to my friends place, where they followed me all the way up to the driveway. I said, “Yes who are you how can I help you?” Neither of them answered. They just stood there, so my friend gets out his shot gun and yelled for them to get the hell off his property.

It took then some time, but they backed up and left.

A few weeks gone by and it was November. I was in Walmart in the morning hours when I get an alert on my phone… that someone was at my gate entrance.

I logged on to my DVR to see who was there. I see what looks like two people at my gate. I called my next door neighbor and asked her to see who there. She was told me that no one was at my gate.

Then I said hold on to here and called my other neighbor that lives in front of me, across the street. And told him the same thing, can you check who’s at my gate. He went outside to look, but saw nothing there.

I told him I got a text alert and that I saw a black door and two people looking at each other. Then he said,” really,” then said, “hold on, let me check,” then he gets on his cam and see the same thing that I was seeing…

Then while he was on the phone, and I was at the Walmart parking lot glued to my phone watching, the image of the live video starts to glitch like the old CCRTS cams, showing different colors.

When it came back on, they were inside my property!

At that point I was both scared and mad at the same time, so I stayed in the parking lot watching on my phone, while talking on the phone with my neighbor.

I have 20 cameras around the house and 2 PTZs (pan-tilt-zoom cameras) inside my house. One in the living room and the other in the back room by the back door.

I kept looking at the camera that started to show different colors, and some the feed came back.

They were inside my house!

Keep in mind, there was no forced entry and the door was not open at all. Then I was like, “holy cow they are in my house.”

My neighbor told me I should call the police. I said, “And tell them what? They would think we are NUTS!” It would go down as a bogus report, and I would get fined 1000 dollars.

From what I saw, they started to going through my stuff, like my DVDs, SD cards, and my old cell phone that I took the original UFO photo with.

They walked in pairs, so whatever one did, the other did also. They never went solo.

Then my camera feed went offline. When I went home a few hours later, I was thinking my plan over and over. When I got to my house, there was no one there.

My neighbor was outside waiting for me. I waited at my neighbor’s drive way for a few minutes, trying to think of what I should do.

We waited and watched. Nothing happened.

So I opened up the gate drove my truck to my drive way. I left the gate open, just in case I needed to get out of there fast.

I walked to back of my house, and nothing. The door was not broken into. I was like nothing happened.

So I went back to the front of the house. I opened the main door.

I said, “Is there anyone here?” Silence.

I went to my DVR to see the footage, but the data had been erased. So I went to my living room looking for anything out of place. I looked at my DVDs, SD card, and phone data. It was gone. Not readable at all. My cell phone that I took those photos with was damaged. It would not turn on at all.

A few more weeks went by. Then, in December 2015, at night, I was awaken up by loud thumping and banging on my front door. I turned on my tablet that had the live camera monitor and saw too entities at my front door. I have a flash light from the side, inside of living room.

I yelled, “Who are you and what you want?”

They asked if they could come in as they wanted to talk. I repeated back, “Who are you and what you want?”

At that point I called my neighbor that lives next door to me. She said to hold on, that she would be right there.

When she walked onto the property, she said that she saw 2 men. When they saw her they started to glitch out.

They disappeared. She went back yelling that it was the devil, and so on. The next day the priest came to my house and did a blessing.

I was asked what they looked like. They had white skin, small lips, black eyes, a small face/head. They were skinny and had no eye brows.

It took me a long time to tell to anyone about this, due to the nature of the story. My first thought was, “Who in the world would believe me at all?”

Even so, I don’t ask anyone to believe me, but I also didn’t want to be looked at, talked about, or even considered NUTS. That’s why I kept to myself for some time. But now I am kind of ready and really don’t care what others think or judge me.

Submitted by: Henry

Pink Cigar-Shaped UFO in Indiana

Me and my family were watching our T.V around 8:35 at night. It was dead silent until we heard this electronic sounding boom and half the room turned a pink red color.

Me and my brothers ran outside, we looked up only to see a big pink looking cigar directly over our neighbors backyard.

It made no noise but only had ice cube block looking device on its side, but it disappeared above the dark clouds.

Posted Anonymously

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