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Strange Craft Near Downtown Birmingham Alabama

Driving on main interstate in downtown Birmingham last fall with my wife and 3 kids. Noticed hovering lights over the highway. We were near the airport and had seen many planes so I knew it was not a plane.

30 feet in air only about 50 yards from interstate. Could not figure out how it was so close to road and we could not hear sound.

I tried to stop but had trafic behind me. Several others had to see this as this thing had very bright lights and was so close to the highway. My wife and kids said the craft elevated slightly and then zipped out of sight in an instant.

My son said it looked like a Hovercraft type vehicle with round directional like thrusters. My impression was that of 2 helicopter like tails joined by a circular shape.  I watched the news the next two days expecting to hear of mass sightings of this thing.

I have googled and asked around.  The closest explanation I have gotten was from a campus security guard who said he believe he has heard it at night but had never seen it. The guard said he heard that there is an experimental craft in the area.  Wanted to see who else saw this and what they thought.

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