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Black Triangle in the Desert Sky

Back in 1992 I was a teenager growing up in Yuma, Arizona. One evening I was out with my boyfriend and a couple of his friends driving to pick up one of their girlfriends who lived out in the “boonies.” It was on the roads amid healthy, green farmland heading toward Somerton. We had not been drinking or taking any drugs. We had the windows down and were at a point where the tape we had been listening to had reached it’s end so someone was busy looking for something else to listen to. During those few moments of quiet when the rest of us were gazing out the windows at the beautiful, indigo blue desert sky on a refreshingly cool desert night, we noticed something pass between us and the stars.

It was a huge triangular shaped jet black object, hovering about 50 feet above us. Because the nights are so clear in Yuma that you can see every single star in the sky, the darkness of this thing was outlined perfectly. There were no lights on it whatsoever. It hovered right above us, keeping up with our car and we didn’t hear a sound.

Those of us in the back who saw it yelled out for our friends in front to look. They saw it for just a second or two and then it was gone. I was hanging out the back windows, staring right at it and all of a sudden *POOF* it was gone! If I had to chose a plane that looked familiar to what we saw, it would be the Stealth Bomber, and I know that the Marine base in Yuma has these planes, but it wasn’t a Stealth. It was a perfect triangle. No wings. I saw it clearly silhouetted against the sky. My boyfriend was an avid airplain nut. He studied them like it was his calling and he had never seen anything like it.

None of us were afraid of what we saw. It was just kinda cool and we never felt threatened or anything. We never bothered telling anybody about it because we felt no one would believe us. We all can remember it like it was yesterday, though.

Submitted by: Jenn

Blue Flashing Lights

My family and I were driving home from Lake Mead at 9:00 pm.  We were driving south on Stockton Hill Rd next to Red Lake with no vehicle lights in front or behind us.  Suddenly a bright flash of white light came over us, then followed by blue flashing lights behide us. I thought maybe it was the police, so I pulled over.  There was no one in sight.  I got out of the vehicle.  There was no sound, light, or signs of anything.

Submitted by: Mike

Daylight UFO Sighting – White Hovering Tube

I must say I have only told this story to a few people, and am always nervous about what they may say.

In 2001 My girlfriend and I were traveling from Phoenix to Las Vegas along highway 93. It was probably around 12 or 1 in the afternoon, broad daylight. We weren’t tired yet and were enjoying the lonely drive. While I was driving, I noticed some small buildings and structures coming up on the right side of the road. That’s when I looked up and saw a white tube/cylinder shaped object about 80-100 feet up in the air. It was motionless and I assumed it was sitting on thin stilts because it was so still. As our car got closer I saw that it was indeed floating in the air.

My eyes and brain trying to comprehend what I was seeing, I pointed at it and yelled “what is that!? what is that!?” to my girlfriend. Her reaction was sedate, she says “Oh, I’ve seen those before, they have them all over the place on the airbase.” My girlfriend was in the Airforce Cadets as a teen. I said again “What is that?! How can it float like that?!” Again she was sedate and basically told me it was “no big deal.” We had driven past it at this point. I wanted to stop the car, but she convinced me not to, and I forgot about it. Her reaction and what I saw always make me feel uneasy when I think about it. I have been thinking about this event a lot lately and that is why I have decided to submit it. Sometimes I feel that perhaps I can not trust my own memory, or maybe someone else has seen it?

Submitted by:  S.W.

Cloaked UFO?

Story: Occurred : 6/15/2008 13:00
Location: Kingman, AZ
Shape: Unknown
Duration:10-15 minutes
Overwhelming sound and vibration with no craft visible.

Unfortunately, my wife and I did not record the exact time and date of our “sighting”, which was really a “hearing” or “feeling”, as we at no time observed a craft of any kind, not that we didn’t scour the sky to identify what we heard and felt. The time of day would have been mid-day in June or July of 2008.

We have been hesitant to report this “sighting” as we haven’t heard of any other instances where no actual craft was seen even though the sound and feel of the presence of a craft was unmistakable. It was either close to noon, or possibly 1:00 PM and we were doing some clearing of our property in the eastern foothills of the Hualapai Mountains, approximately 16 miles east of Kingman, AZ. Our location was at an elevation of 4,125’.

To explain the “sighting” is difficult, as it started out as a noise, which we were used to hearing in that area, as military helicopters, usually in threes, occasionally fly over our property, from west to east. Having served in the Marine Corps, I am very familiar with this sound and usually stop what I’m doing and locate the choppers in the sky. This was totally different. The sound was of something absolutely huge. We could hear it approaching and stopped what we were doing to locate the “object.” As it neared, the sound became almost deafening until it became a feeling that literally shook the ground. I was walking all over the area searching the skies for an object. When the sound became directly over our heads, it remained for some time, as if hovering. Our only guess was that whatever it was, it was somehow not visible to the naked eye, or as we assumed, “cloaked.” At this time, there was no point in moving around, as I had searched every available spot in the sky for an object, to no avail. After what seemed an eternity (actual time in the vicinity of three or four minutes) it seemed to move on, slowly, as it had arrived.

To date, we have not heard of any other instances of a “sighting” with no apparent craft observation. We’d love to hear if anyone else has had this experience, but have no idea where to start. I’m just very glad that my wife and I shared this experience, as I have not or would not share this experience with anyone else for fear of being considered “whacko”, or prone to over imaginative. We just had to finally share the information with somebody.  We’re very curious to hear from anyone sharing the same “experience.”

Submitted by: Jack

Alone on Highway 93 North

I’m a delivery driver that drives from Phoenix, Arizona to Las Vegas, Nevada every Saturday for 6 years now. About 2 hours northwest of Phoenix is a small town called Wikieup. I leave Phoenix at about 1:00-1:30 a.m. so I reach Wikieup at 3:30 a.m., and every other weekend I see alot of active UFOs in the skies. Now when I drive at that time on Highway 93, I’m usually all alone going north because no one is ever behind me, although there are sometimes a couple of cars when I see these UFOs.

Well, one Saturday I was driving like normal and there was a car in front of me. All of a sudden a very bright light, I don’t even know the size of it cause it was so shiny, just shows up on the passenger side of the car traveling around 65 mph, following the car on the right side. I’m about 4 or 5 car distances away. That car slams on the brakes, and I had to get to the other lane to avoid hitting the car. I’m very terrified at this point, but I keep going because I have to make my deliveries. I’m watching my mirror to see what the hell is that light is, and then I see it shoot up in the sky very fast. About 30 seconds later the light appears on my passenger side mirror, and at this point I’m just driving as fast as I can. I notice that this light is going the same speed as I am. Then boom I see it take off in the air.

I told my wife about the UFO, and she doesn’t believe me, so I had her come with me the following Saturday. We are driving in the same area and its pitch black, like the other night. Then we see a colorful aircraft fly over us going north very fast. This aircraft is about 2 miles ahead of us. We see it land on the highway, and like a click of a switch the whole entire sky turns into a beige color! I mean the whole sky! My wife is screaming, and again just like a click, the sky turns pitch black again. I slow down cause my wife is screaming with fear and does not want to drive toward the aircraft. The aircraft takes off fast, and just like the E.T. movie at the end, that colorful aircraft leaves a long squirmy green line across the sky.

My wife doesn’t come with me anymore. I still get scared when I see these things, but I wonder if they know who I am. I hope they know that I mean no harm and that I would like to meet them, but am too scared to do it. I still see UFOs in the air around Wikieup, Arizona and would recommend everyone to drive up and down that highway at these hours. Thank you for reading. I have much to tell but I think right now…  that’s enough.

Submitted by: Vinnie

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