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Shimmering Speedster UFO

Around five years ago, I was sitting outside on a warm summer night just enjoying the view of the starry night sky. I had been out there for around half an hour when I glanced into the sky over to my right and saw this very large object heading east and almost directly over my house. I watched it moving slowly across the sky. It was shimmering and very large.

I couldn’t make out any details but as it went over, I noted that there was absolutely no sound. I watched it as it continued on for around another minute when suddenly, it did a very sharp turn and headed south at very high speed and disappeared. I had no idea what it was but it was not the first thing I had seen while sitting outside and have never forgotten it.

Submitted by: Lee Leeder

LUCK OR WHAT?? – UFO Sighting in Australia

This has just happened to me in the last 24 hours, in fact around noon GMT time on the south east coast of Queensland, Australia (submitted July 14, 2009).  I have seen a couple of other strange things along this stretch over the years but this is just amazing and I can only believe it because I was the only who saw it!!   WOWOWOWOWOWOW

I can’t say anything extraordinary happened but what did happen, because it IS extraordinary!  I was driving along the beach road toward our local airport. It was a fine cool wintery day but very sunny and clear, no wind, no clouds; beautiful day. I approached a part of the road where you can look down the land and see a view of the runway of the airport.  The road then bends and the view disappears because of a line of trees, until you come back into view once around the corner, and you can see the airport behind the buildings in front of it, by the road…  lots of people stop and look to watch the local planes land and take off etc..

Well, as I approached the view of the runway I saw a really huge aircraft… I thought WOW aren’t I lucky to be out just as this is happening.. and faintly wondered why none of the other cars and people were not noticing it but I was too busy driving and watching it.  It was hovering above the land at about roof height and seemed to be shimmering….  it was a dense dark dull black material that wasn’t metal but I remember thinking it could be..  I thought the air force might be having a show or something coming up and this was one of the new jets or something.  It was truly amazing.  It had three sets of wings on each side with jets from those… the front was almost like a concord shape nose but was squashed up.  I remember knowing that it was about to land, and when I went around the next corner I would be able to watch it land.  I was wondering strange things about it I can’t quite grasp.  I was just in awe of this amazing machine and processing it all, realizing I was driving and awake…

As I finally got around the next corner to get back into view – THERE WAS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING THERE!!!  I was literally blown away.  I stopped further along the road and had a proper look, thinking it might have been put in a hanger but it was too big and I didnt see it move up or down or disappear or go anywhere, it just wasnt there.  I went onto do what I was doing and by the time I got home I had completely forgotten about it, even though I was stunned and trying to process – I FORGOT!?!?!  I remembered today when I had to go to our local airport as a favour and it all came flooding back to me – so clear.  If I had dreamt it, I would not consider it much BUT I SAW THIS and want to know why no one else did in the middle of the day – traffic and all… I did see 2 kids watching through a wire fence and thought they were seeing what I was.  Nothing was on the news and no one seems to know anything.  I wish I could draw as I have an imprint in my brain and can’t draw very well..  amazing.  Who do I talk to? What can I do about this. I feel I need to do something about it and dont have a clue what, where, how…   I have had some amazing experiences in my life but this is just bending my brain bigtime!!!  Honest!  I won’t sleep tonight and just have to know more…  hope someone has some kind of feedback and I am not wasting your space and time… hahaha

Submitted by: Christine

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