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Group Sighting of 400 Foot UFO in the Bahamas – 1985

My husband & I were living on our sailboat, out on Spanish Wells Bahamas in Jan. 1985. My husband was on the Atlantic Beach on Spanish Wells talking to a group of tourist from Virginia Beach when the young boy in the group said “Dad what is that”.  Everyone turned toward the Ocean to see (very clearly) a 350′ to 400′ cigar shaped “craft” hovering very quietly & still above the Sea.

As described to me the whole ship had a pulsing ‘glow’ about it with a strip of what appeared to be windows that changed colors (not hard colors but soft glowing) in a pulsing way. I hate to even say this but they said they could see ‘figures, moving’ in the “windows.”

This Craft just sat there, no one had heard it arrive and since it was so huge they could not imagine how that was, as the night was very quiet. The group stood in amazement. My husband a lifelong pilot, sailboat Captain who literally spent his entire life on or above the Water, said it was nothing he had ever seen before.

The Craft eventually lifted slowly, and then accelerated to what all I talked to said was “Hypersonic Speed” Totally quiet! & disappeared. I did not see it as I was on the boat on other side of Island, but talked to the people with him who did along with several Spanish Wells people who also could not believe what they had seen.

Several days later we sailed to Nassau & read in the paper that “numerous Balls of lights” were seen by many and reported to the paper. What my husband saw was not a ball of light but a clearly defined Craft.

I’ve always wanted to tell someone this story as my husband has since passed away & I still think of this incident from time to time.  Would love to know IF anyone else experienced this occurrence? This is a ABSOLUTELY TRUE STORY! Perhaps some in Spanish Wells still remember this!

We told ourselves it was some experimental craft built by US or ? but after that our Nation sent Astronauts in Space in ship with Rocket fuel to be killed… IF we had this technology, Challenger would be a Crime of silence! Thanks for this forum.

Submitted by: Frances


Submitted UFO Pictures – Nassau, Bahamas

These photos of a UFO sighting in Nassau, Bahamas, were submitted by a reader of UFO-TALK.COM. In the photos, there appears to be some oval spots of light in the sky.

We’re not sure what to make of them. Take a look and decide for yourself…


Submitted by: Jonathan


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