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Not Sure What This Was – Strange Lights in the Sky

Hey, I saw something bizarre today ( received submission late Aug 11 / early Aug 12, 2013 ) during a meteor shower, at first I thought it was a meteor, but it was moving was slower than the first meteor I saw, (my friends and i only saw 3 altogether,we live in the city).

My one friend says it’s just a satellite, or a plane. Well planes cant fly in the way this thing was flying. I’m not saying it was a spaceship, maybe it WAS a satellite, but the only flight patterns I’ve  seen for a satellite are even and round. I can draw it if you’d like, but it squiggled and it moved WAY slower than a meteor. I was fixed on it for a good 2 minutes. AND it turned, slowly. If I could say it was going down towards the horizon, it slowly changed course to the right of my horizon, then it disappeared.

Then we saw another one on the other side, or it might have been the same one. This ones flight pattern was also squiggly. We saw one last one, but this one did NOT squiggle, and  had a straight flight pattern. I’m also going to note they looked just like a star, but you could tell it wasn’t as faraway, and all three dots had the same brightness.  Any help?

Submitted by: Scarecrow


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