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Not Sure What This Was – Strange Lights in the Sky

Hey, I saw something bizarre today ( received submission late Aug 11 / early Aug 12, 2013 ) during a meteor shower, at first I thought it was a meteor, but it was moving was slower than the first meteor I saw, (my friends and i only saw 3 altogether,we live in the city).

My one friend says it’s just a satellite, or a plane. Well planes cant fly in the way this thing was flying. I’m not saying it was a spaceship, maybe it WAS a satellite, but the only flight patterns I’ve  seen for a satellite are even and round. I can draw it if you’d like, but it squiggled and it moved WAY slower than a meteor. I was fixed on it for a good 2 minutes. AND it turned, slowly. If I could say it was going down towards the horizon, it slowly changed course to the right of my horizon, then it disappeared.

Then we saw another one on the other side, or it might have been the same one. This ones flight pattern was also squiggly. We saw one last one, but this one did NOT squiggle, and  had a straight flight pattern. I’m also going to note they looked just like a star, but you could tell it wasn’t as faraway, and all three dots had the same brightness.  Any help?

Submitted by: Scarecrow


Too Close For Our Liking!

One beautifully cool clear night in May 2004, a friend and I were out on one of our many overnight fishing excursions for walleye/pickerel.  We had left Peterborough due to the slow fishing on the Otonabee River.  Upon leaving, we had agreed to try one or two more spots on the way home back home to Toronto.

I was at the helm with my friend at my side.  We were heading on Hwy #7 W to take the River Rd. shortcut west to the Scugog River.  I have used River Rd. on many occasions to cut the distance and to bypass the town of Lindsay.  It was roughly 1:15am when crossing Hwy #35 on River Rd.  We were a minute or so from the next fishing spot, when all of a sudden I was surprised by a weird orb of light that appeared on the horizon.  The strange light moved from the left to the right in one steady sweep and quickly disappeared.  I had startled my friend from his little catnap with the “WHAT THE F*** WAS THAT!” reaction.

After questioning me on what I had seen, his answer was that it was probably a car, or even the possibility of an animal such as a deer crossing in the distance.  First of all, if it was a car, there were no intersections or facing driveways for quite a ways to allow it to go from the left to the right the way this did, and second of all this was a large bright orb of light, much too big to be the reflecting eyes of an animal.  After the brief discussion, we had both come to the conclusion that we would never know.

Now we’re at the spot we call “Cross Creeks”, so named for the Scugog River and its two tributaries that enter it.  Check it out on a map and you should easily find where this is just by following my directions mentioned earlier.  We’re stopped on top of the Janetville Creek bridge, which is parallel to the Scugog River.  THIS IS WHERE THE STORY GETS BETTER!!!

I get out of my truck to take a quick peek at the condition of the water below to see if it was worth a try.  My friend also got out of the truck, and we were now discussing whether to stay, or to move on to the next spot.  We decided to move on due to the choking algae growth in this section of water.  My friend was just opening his door when I looked up and THERE IT WAS, across the river between 400 to 500 yards away, an orb of light similar to the one I had seen earlier, moving erratically (slow then fast) in a northerly direction above the trees.  I stared at this until my senses kicked in.  I yelled over to my friend to check this one out.  We both stood there and watched together in amazement, with no explanation.

My friend was an aspiring pilot, he knows his stuff when it comes to planes, so much so that he is now an Electrical Technician for Bombardier wiring planes.  I myself living near the airport (Lester B. Pearson) at the time, had witnessed countless planes, including traffic helicopters that frequented the area regularly due to our proximity to a couple of the busiest highways in the region.  This was nothing like we’ve ever seen.  It definitely wasn’t a plane because of its erratic movement, and it definitely wasn’t a helicopter because there was no sound.  The only thing heard was the odd cricket, and the sound of our hearts in our throats.

As the orb of light moved, we noticed it was getting lower, almost kissing the tops of the trees across the river.  The orb moved in these strange power bursts, repetitively slow to fast, slow to fast.  We stood there and watched this for nearly 2 minutes until it disappeared behind a hill.  We were really in aw with what we had both seen.  After turning back towards my truck, I said COULD THIS NIGHT GET ANY CRAZIER, and that’s when my friend yelled out “DUDE, LOOK!!!”.

This light was now on a direct course towards us.  My knees at this time started knocking, and my heart was really pounding.  My friend was now really freaking out on me to leave, while at the same time hightailing it back to the truck.  Part of me wanted to run, but my curiosity got the best of me.  I was laughing to myself with my friends reaction, but it was worrying me at the same time.  As the orb of light got closer, its colour and shape was becoming more apparent.  It was a bright orangey  light and slightly oval in shape.  This object got to about 50 yards from us, when all of a sudden it just STOPPED!!!  Yes, THERE IT WAS, about 100 feet above the ground, and close enough to hit with a good slingshot.  There was no sound at all, nothing.  The light was about the size of an average SUV, going by the distance.  My friend was now in the truck and screaming at me to leave.  He threw so much of a fit, that he broke my console in a desperate rage.

Lots of people claim to see “UFO’s”, but not to many of them have been this close to one.  While walking backwards to my truck, the light began to intensify, (almost like someone walking towards you while shining a flashlight in your eyes at the same time).  The GETTIN’ couldn’t be at a better time.  REMEMBER “FIRE IN THE SKY”???  After quickly jumping in my truck, I was shaken a little to find my 300+ pound friend whimpering in the fetal position.  Once that key got turned, it was “PEDAL TO THE METAL”.  We were out of there fast!!!  We completely lost sight of whatever that was.  We’ll never know.  What if we stayed???  Would it have been a good or a bad experience.  Me and my friend were a bit messed up for awhile.  We had shared this event with close family and friends to a good mixture of emotion and controversy.  Remember there was no influences of alcohol or drugs.

My outlook and beliefs have been drastically changed since this experience.  We have both visited the area corresponding to time and date many times since then, with camera in hand of course.  I NOW LOOK TO THE SKY MUCH MORE THEN EVER BEFORE.

Posted by: Rooster

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