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Strange Unidentified Light Near Coastal Florida

On Monday October 25, 2010, I was taking my dog for a walk, when I noticed a very bright light in the sky.  It seemed to be moving, so I began to watch it.  It moved in the same direction at a steady pace, and when it was overhead, I ran in the house to tell my son to come out and see it.

We both watched the strange light, and then noticed a smaller steady white light following it.  They both seemed to be moving at the same speed.  We continued to watch them until they were out of sight.  They did not blink or have any other color to them, except for the white lights.

Did anyone else see this or have any idea as to what it was?

Submitted Anonymously

This Big Bright Light – UFO Sighting in St. Petersburg, Florida

It was on 5/18/2010, at 9:18pm: I was outside sitting on my front step, when a bright light in the sky caught the corner of my eye. So I faced east, then the light started to rise up slow, and then stop. Then it started to move east southeast in a start and stop motion. The light was not strobing, or blinking like a plane or a hellicopter, but the start and stop motion made me say, ooh sh__. Then the light just cut off, and that made me really think. I looked at my cell phone, it was 9:24.

Submitted by: John

Two UFO Stories

Story One: When I was in Florida riding in a car, the car stopped at a red light. When I glanced up at the sky I saw a big yellowish glowing ball moving in circles. I quickly grabbed a video camera, but by that time it was gone.

Story Two: When I was at a mini golf place, I looked up at the sky and saw a swarm of ball-shaped UFOs. They where brownish, but would flash orange about every two seconds.

Submitted by: Andrew

Dull Copper Orb UFO

Since the first day I saw something in the sky, I have never stopped looking up at night. Every night I walk out if its clear, and look up for a bit.

Last year I was turning my head from south to north, and at my 11 o’clock, I catch an orb coming from NE to NW about 50 ft up. I’m 6′ 4″ and if you held up a racket ball, that would be an idea of the size of the object. The object slowed down, like it had spotted me, and then speed up over my building behind me.

The object was copper colored and dull looking, but no lights and no glow.The first thing I thought was UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle), but it didn’t have any sort of fans or propellers.

I remember my exact words: “You got to be sh****** me!”

I do a 180 and bolt into the house to grab my camcorder, then I run out the back through the sliding glass door and it was gone (I had my camcorder ready, as I just got it to film my sons birth and was playing with it).

I felt I should post my story as I have seen a lot of videos regarding orbs, but never one about a night sighting with the object not having any sort of lights or glow.

Submitted by: Rigotech

Tricky Little Star (UFO)

This tricky little star occurrence began last Sunday night while I was at my buddy’s home, loading up to go buck hunting. While he was going in and out of his home I as usual took an interest towards the nights sky mainly because there is always some type of aircraft activity, because in my town is an US bombing range/ base but is “said to be inactive for the most part.” So, I was looking up and this solid light, better explained as a white lighted orb, was traveling over head at the speed faster than the F-16’s I  usually see. What intrigued me at the beginning was the speed in which it was traveling, and that there were neither noise accompanied to this light, nor any flashing lights.

Like I said before I am always staring at the sky, and I see many aircraft which are man made…  and all have flashing lights. This did not. I call it the tricky little star because if it were to stop in its track it would appear to be nothing more than a mid level bright star. So what makes this extra interesting is that while I was transfixed on this orb it disappeared in front of my eyes.

Now you might be saying this is nothing, then explain to me why last night, 11-18-08 from the time of 6:30pm-7:30pm my buddy and I saw 6 more of these orbs within that time frame. I can’t be for sure if it is the same craft or if there truly are more than one. I can tell you this: that tonight I am going outside with my Sony camcorder and plan to capture something so that other people can try to distinguish what it is we are seeing over the skies of Avon Park. I am a believer in other intelligent life forms, however, I am really big on the truth and always try to debunk anything before I make my final decision.

Keep your eye on my You Tube channel to see if I do happen to catch these occurrences on film.

Thanks for listening.

Submitted by: Informer

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