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Without Warning – UFO Sighting on an Old Gravel Road

It was two years ago. I have only told a few people this story before finally just now deciding to post about it.

A friend and I were driving out on an old gravel road late on night, in the middle of March. Since this was in Iowa, there was still a little snow on the ground. We were driving towards the pit(lake) we always went to, when we came upon a hill. Once reaching the top of the hill, we suddenly saw a massive vehicle.

It had three white lights near the bottom and two white lights above it, which were like spot lights. The massive vehicle took up the entire gravel road and dust was flying everywhere around it though the vehicle didn’t seem to be moving any closer to us.

As we neared it, 50 ft away or so, by then I’m yelling for my friend to turn the *bleep* around, he is freaking out as well. So finally we find a place to turn around quickly and just as we did the five lights shined in on our vehicle like spotlights, changing colors from white, green, blue, and red. I have never been so scared in my life.

By the time we turned around and started to bolt out of there, I turned around to look at the giant vehicle. Suddenly the three bottom lights moved up closer to the two top lights. I immediately turned to my friend describing to him what I had just seen, then when I turned back around to look, the vehicle was gone.

Its been two years since this happened and almost every day I still think about it. It made me a firm believer and really shook my faith in God.

Submitted by: Josh


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