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Truth Revealed : We are not alone!

My spouse and I witnessed 6 chrome smooth as glass equilateral triangles. One reflected morning sunlight of golden color. They were at approximately 500 ft. high and to our southeast. The spacecraft were real, and had a cloaking device, or they came thru a time portal. I never believed in other beings than fish, man, beasts, birds of the world until then. This happened in November 2001,  approximately 20 miles south of Natchitoches, LA. 71457.

I have had my eyes opened but why? How does the craft work? It was super advanced, man today is primitive compared to what me and my spouse witnessed. She is tired of me bringing it up, she was scared and I was very concerned with this flight of 6 craft. Why after 11 years I am obsessed  with this? I always felt someone was watching me and now I know. I have worked on aircraft for 40 years, worked on NASA contracts, I can see aircraft 35,000 ft. and 45,000 ft. on a clear day. These were floating upright not typical aerodynamics like the B-2 or the 117 Stealth fighter.

I contacted SETI and Dr. SETH replied I get 10 to 15 stories like this a week. Well my spouse and I witnessed the real space craft. We were traveling southeast to New Orleans, La. There was 1 craft and my wife says what kind of airplane is that, then there was 2 more then 3 more a total of six. I still remembered the flight formation. I had a movie camera in the trunk of my car. I figured if I stop on highway my safety and they would disappear and after about 5 to 10 minutes. They did.

As we traveled down the Interstate 49, I was thinking oh good, I will be able to see the aft side of the craft and get an idea how these was configured for flight.  Then all 6 disappeared. I turned to my wife and said never thought we would see the real space craft from other than earth. When you witness to real thing your mind does not want to accept what you are seeing. I do not like the fact that they read my brain and to obsess about this 11 years later.

Triangular UFO Flight Formation

Here is a follow-up image that Al was kind enough to send. He noted that the points of the triangular UFOs were rounded, and they had a chrome, or polished aluminum type color to them.

Submitted by: Al

Close Encounter

Well, I’d say this event happend about 8 years ago when I was about 11 years of age. I lived with my parents in the wooded area of Eunice, Louisiana. I lived in a very wooded area and my house and yard was surrounded by many trees and not visible to neighbors. It was about 8:00 at night and my parents made me, against my will, feed the dogs which were in kennels across the yard ( if I would have known what I would have seen… I would have gladly went, being as I was very interested in UFOS at that age. I was a strange kid hehe!).

So I went outside and I was walking towards the kennels when I noticed a bright white light to my right in the sky. It was about 100-120 feet in radius and about 300 feet above the ground. It was emmiting a solid white light. It was not flickering, just as if it were a light bulb. I could not see any surface or curves on this object. I assumed it was a disk though, because it definitely made a circle. It stood very still in the sky and made no noise at all, as if it were just defying gravity. It made me question if it was something extraterestrial… Why me? A child of only 11? Was it trying to relay a message? Was it just coincidence? Or was it terestrial? A test by the military? Was it GOD? ( I definitely hope not, becuase I was, and still am atheist. If it was, He certainly didn’t relay His message to me.)

My second though was that no one would believe me. But I knew people would undoubtedly believe my parents. So I went into the house and started describing what I saw. I told them what I described above. They giggled and pushed it to the side and assured me it was just the moon. I reassured them it wasn’t, and told them with more urgency to come outside. But they refused, brushing off everything I was saying, blaming it on an over active imagination. I told them I could prove it if they would just come outside to see for themselves. But of course they didn’t believe, and they didn’t go outside. But they did, in fact, make me go feed the dogs.

I was very frightened, but I did go back outside. To my suprise, the object was gone without a trace. So I was the only one to see this object. I did ask some of my neighbors later on, but no one said that they had ever seen anything of that nature. But years later, actually recently, I asked my father if he remebered the incident, and he said yes, in fact he did. So I proved to myself that at least I had that evidence, that I didn’t dream this up. Even at that moment I made sure I was awake and told myself that I am most definitely experiencing this and I am very conscious. So I know for myself that I did see what I saw, and its up to you to believe my story. It has definitely changed my life and changed my view on things. I don’t question that there are other beings out there, and that they are among us. I thank everyone for reading this and would be glad to get a response to this post, and will definitely be glad to respond to any questions one might have.

Submitted by: Josh

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