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Orbs of Light Watching Me

Location: Quoddy Village area in Eastport, Maine. It all started around sunset 8/16/02 where I live this time of year. There is a lot of jet traffic up 20000/30000 feet. I was sitting outside enjoying the sun setting and watching two jets coming from the southwest. They were around 30 miles apart.

When the first plane got directly over head, I noticed a ball of light coming from the north. It looked as if the plane and the ball where going to hit each other, but the ball of light was only about at 2000 feet. I said to myself how could they not see that ball of light. Just as I said that, the plane made a turn to avoid it to the left. The plane that was following also made a slight turn to the left.

The ball continued south and I lost it in patchy fog coming in off the ocean. So the rest of the day I watched the sky like a hawk.

Around 8:30, I noticed five balls of light in the eastern sky flying around like they where playing. They must have see me watching them and they all headed northeast and hid in the star formation Cassiopeia. I said, “I know you are there.”

They where trying to make me think I was seeing things, so I watched that star formation for and hour, then I noticed a dim light on the ground 150 feet away out in the road. So I walked over to it. When I got closer, I could see that there were five lights shining down from them, so kept watching.

Half hour later, they would not budge from that spot. I needed to go inside the house, so I walked back over to where the lights were and looked up at them.

I must have been seeing things, so I headed for the house watching behind me the whole way. When I got to the door and opened it, I caught all five balls drifting off in a star formation.

I also have a lot more things happen to me since, like in house abductions, taking my blood, putting things in me. OK, I am done!

Submitted by: James

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