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UFO Sighting While Walking the Dogs

So me (Erica) and my best friend (Alejandra) were out walking my two dogs and her dog.  Then I looked up to see the two planets that were/are currently in the sky, Venus and Jupiter (I had learned this in science class).

Then I saw what I thought was an airplane.  I pointed it out to Alejandra and she said “Oh my gosh!!  That is not a plane!!  Look, it’s going straight down and the lights are moving!”  I looked closer and, sure enough, the red lights were alternating with green lights I hadn’t noticed before.  The U.F.O. (Unidentified Flying Object) disappeared behind the trees.  Alejandra started running so she could get ahead of the trees, and I followed her.  But we had lost sight of it.

Submitted by: Erica and Alejandra

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