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A Visit of Peace from Beyond (UFO Experience at White Sands Missle Range)

From a story submission, that reads as follows:

Go to Google Blogger web site and search for my blog entitled, “The Badass Bureaucrat”.  You should find the story in Chapter 14 (White Sands Misile Range). It is based on a first hand encounter with space aliens by an engineer who told about it in a published account of his actual real life experience while working there.  It is a very compelling story.  One that will stop and make you think before rejecting it out of hand like so many others.

Here is the excerpt from The Badass Bureaucrat:

But the most bizarre of the Range’s claims to fame—or infamy, depending on who you asked—came in the form of a book entitled A Message of Peace from Beyond. Written by a former WSMR engineer, the book told of his claim to have had a UFO experience while working at the range. (An unnamed acquaintance gave me a copy after I’d expressed an interest in UFOs.) I have paraphrased from memory what happened in this story because the book is no longer available.

One Friday evening, this engineer had been working late as usual and had planned to take the last bus back to Las Cruces, which left at 7.00 p.m. After finishing, he checked his watch and headed for the bus stop nearby. He arrived to find that the bus had already departed and everyone was gone. He returned to his office and planned to sleep on his cot, which he occasionally used when there was a night firing scheduled. But it was still early, so he walked alone down a desolate road under a clear, star-filled sky, gazing upward as he went.

Suddenly, he noticed that one of the stars he had been watching grew brighter, so he stopped to observe it. It seemed to be moving closer. He was transfixed, at first. Then, he followed it. It finally dropped down out of sight over a sandy knoll close by without a sound. He gradually approached the knoll and peered over it. There, he saw a saucer-shaped UFO shimmering in the moonlight and sitting on the desert floor, sustained by tripod landing gear.

It had a cool, bluish aura of light about it, and he slowly moved closer despite being frightened. It was the size of a small house, and it sat there silently glowing in the dark.

As he moved closer and closer, suddenly he heard a voice. “Stay away from this ship,” it warned. “It is protected by a deadly magnetic field.”

It then went on, “Greetings from afar; we have been observing you for quite some time, and it was no accident that you are here. We deliberately set your watch back, causing you to miss your bus. Don’t be fearful, for we only want to make contact with you and bring a message of peace. We are humanoid in form but with much smaller, more delicate bodies, and we are from a more advanced civilization. This is our scout ship, and it is unoccupied since our people cannot yet survive in your atmosphere. Our mother ship is nearby in outer space, and we have lived aboard her as you live on your Earth. It is our permanent home. Eons ago, we also lived on a planet, but we abandoned it because of periodic turbulence that wiped out much of our population. Now, we have been freed from that instability and exist out here in space in relative peace and safety. Over time, we have watched your planet as many civilizations rose and then declined due to wars and pestilence.

“You have now reached the highest stage in your history, and we believe you are in danger of destroying all life on your planet. That’s why we wish to bring this message of peace and warn you of that danger. Your technology has outpaced your society’s ability to live in peace. We hope you will realize this and do something before it is too late.”

The voice that he had heard was transmitted through telepathy to his mind (like ESP) and not through sound waves. It continued, “We would like to display some of our advanced technology and offer you a brief ride aboard our small craft.”

And then, a door suddenly came open, and he was invited to step inside, which he did. Inside was a room-sized open space, complete with ergonomic chairs and strange Egyptian-like symbols or markings circling the inside perimeter that were visible from a softly glowing, blue light. He was asked to recline gently in his seat, and before he knew what had happened, he was traveling at fantastic speeds toward New York City. A wide, elongated slit opened, and he was able to look down and see lights far below. After a moment, the ship circled New York City and returned to New Mexico from where it had taken off.

The voice invited him to disembark, cautioning him not to reveal what had happened at this time. It went on to say they would return and make future contacts with him to gather more information on the state of our technology and on our knowledge of science. And then, the UFO silently disappeared into the night.

His story ended at this point, with him claiming there had been several follow-up contacts, but then it had stopped. He had decided to write this book, he said, to inform others of his experience and also to let people know that we are not alone in this universe. He wanted others to know that other intelligent life outside of our own planet existed.

You can decide for yourself if this story was true or just a hoax. However, we know from press reports that his account of extraterrestrial beings was not an isolated one, since other reputable sources have claimed similar encounters of the third kind. I personally think it could have happened since it seems likely that other life, besides our own, probably exists among the billions of planets that populate our universe.

This is from the blog and book, The Badass Bureaucrat which can be read in its entirety at

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