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My Brooklyn UFO Sighting

It was a hot day in August of 1960. I was 9 years old. My younger brother (Norris) and I were playing Stoopball, a very popular game of that era, when suddenly the sky began to change from blue to a kind of pinkish orange color.

In amazement I stopped playing and began looking towards the sky. At that point, I asked Norris to look up and see the funny colored sky. I was a little upset with him for showing absolutely no interest in what I was looking at as he calmly told me that he wanted to finish the game.

All of a sudden I began to see flashes of lightning. Again, I was amazed because even as a child, I knew that when you see lightning, it’s usually followed by the sound of thunder. However, that day, I saw lightning but heard no thunder.

At that point, I saw a tiny red dot appear in the pink sky. This time I yelled at my brother Norris to look at the sky. Again, he showed no interest in what I was looking at as he pouted “Let’s finish the game!”

I quickly walked away from him and went to the corner of the block to get a better look. By the time I reached the corner two more tiny red dots appeared.

“Look” “look” I kept screaming to my brother but, he just walked away angrily because I didn’t want to finish the game.

I was so amazed by the way those dots were flying independently from left to right and would stop in midair and hover like a helicopter. I assumed that they were going back to space because they started getting smaller and smaller until they disappeared. Soon afterwards the lightning stopped and the sky returned to blue.

I never really spoke much about that day. Maybe it was because I couldn’t get my brother to look up and back my story.

Submitted by: Douglas B. Alford

UFO Sighting While Taking a Late Night Dip

One late summer night in august 2006 around 3am, me and a female friend of mine went for a late night swim in my backyard pool.

Twenty minutes later as we were outside leaving the pool to dry off, a large football field sized black triangle shaped object with dark orange round lights flew very low right over our heads. It made no noise at all. We both froze in shock. We both couldn’t believe what we both saw. I was more scared than curious.

We both ran inside and looked out my windows wondering what was that huge object we just saw…..

Submitted by: Sal

I Know What I Saw

3/27/01 ~ clear night sky, no clouds, stars very bright. The craft looked to be around 35 to 40 feet across.

I was taking my daughter to catch her ride to work at 8:45pm. She saw the craft approaching from the SW heading across the left front of our car. At that time she screamed to stop the car “dad its a UFO!”

No sooner than she got those words out the car sputtered to a stop along the dark country road. I looked out the window and there it was not more than 300 ft above us.

It was disc shaped. The top was a slightly curved (dome like). The bottom (as I took it to be) was even less curved, almost flat. It was grayish in color, metallic looking with no seams. It looked like it was all 1 piece. There were 3 softly light orange orbs on the bottom spaced out in a triangle shape.

As it was going over us I got out of car and could feel something like strong static pulling on me. Funny thing is, it looked as if it was tipped up on its side with the top moving ahead. It was only moving at a very slow pace, maybe 5 mph. There was no sound that I recall after getting out of car, but before exiting car, as it was coming overhead, I heard a low drone like thumping sound.

After all this, it proceeded across the farm field and up the side of a hill and seemed to stop over a revolutionary war monument (Sullivan’s Monument at Newtown Battlefield State Park). At that time it changed to a white light that grew in intensity until very bright then all at once, POOF! It was gone – just like vanished.

If it left, instead of vanishing, it must have flown at a very high rate of speed directly away from us. It was gone instantly, or the light simply went out.

The car started right up and we drove to where my daughters ride was already waiting. We were 10 minutes late and we should have been a few minutes early.

I noticed the next day, and for about 3 – 4 days after, everyday there were unmarked dark green MD500 type Helicopters flying around that area, which I had never seen there before.

Submitted by: Dave


All Alone with the Unknown

It was april 1993, I was about 6 or 7 years of age when me and my family of 3 were going on a little trip to visit some relatives. It was a nice spring, closer to summer, day when we were traveling from Dunkirk, Ny 14048 Chautauqua county.  As we left our home on deer street we merge on ROUTE 60. I will never forget that night!

My mother was driving in our 1993 4 dr ford, as I was sitting in the back seat playing with a couple of little green army men soldier combat toys. I started to doze off from the comfortable smooth ride, my eyes wondered off into the bright blue sky as I notice some type of shiny thing reflecting off of the sun, but the only way I noticed this was becuase the reflection zipped across the sky really fast. So,  as I saw this silver or dull grey oval shaped object, it almost looked like a antique womens hat like the ones they would wear to a funeral but it was sliver colored.

I dont know why this object only appeared for me to see but as I looked around the route checking to see if any one else seen this THERE WAS ABSOLUTLY NO ONE ELSE AROUND! It was scary as hell. So I stared at this object hoping that it was just a bird or air plane, but I threw that image out of my head after I knew that, of course airplanes and birds just dont levetate or remain in one position. The weird thing about this sighting was the object appeared to travel at the same speed my mother was driving, so I wondered if  the unknown liked the color blue, as it was the color of our ford car. As I noticed the object was soaring (flying) at the same speed of rate I then got skeptical about this object, so then I tapped my mother seat reapeatly and yelled “theres somthing in the sky looking down on  us.”  She said its probably just a airplane.

I then leaned over to my big brother and told him to look. When he did he said, “Mom dad there is something in the sky pull over lets take a picture!” So after number of times of telling our parents about this object in the sky, my father decided to look over, crossing my mother’s driver seat. He glance in the sky. At first he said, “I don’t see anything,”  but after staring hard he paused and said, “WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?”

He shouted, “honey pull over pull over quick.” So she did, and said you boys are probably just seeing a bird or a plane. So, we all stepped out and looked into the blue sky. Now rememberI said this object followed us at the speed of our car, so now as we stepped out, it was not moving any more. It was just floating in the clear sky, no clouds, no birds, no jets, and no planes! The sky was clear and as my parents began to glance and stare, my brother was checking the trunk for binoculars and camera, to see and take a picture of this object.

As they continue to stare and talk about what they were actually seeing, my hearing began to close out and I couldn’t hear anything! My ear drums completly closed for about 10 seconds, and I began to notice that once again, not 1 car or moving vehicle was in sight. I looked around a number of times, as I was scared that we were only seeing this object looking down, or waiting to move in on us. I thought we were in trouble, so I yelled really loud and said, “WE ARE THE ONLY ONES ON THIS ROAD!” My mother said, “why are you yelling?” I just looked at her and did not say anything at the time, because I couldnt hear.

After my hearing became back to normal, she repeated “why are you yelling? Did you hear me the 1st time?” I said “mom, I didnt hear you but I saw your lips moving.” My step father also noticed we were all alone on route 60. As soon as my brother finally found the camera he yelled “I found it!” As he yelled, that’s when I looked to my left and saw a white volvo pulling up. It was a Caucasian male and female. At the time i thought they were Caucasian, but when this person jumped out, he said, “what’s wrong? What do you all see?”

With the accent, I knew he was foreign, only to notice Mexican or Spanish to be exact. I hurried to say, “it’s something in the sky, and I think it’s a UFO.” So he smiled and said, “really!” My step dad said to look. The guy looked up and said “Oh my God! Dude, that thing is not moving! What is that?” He quickly ran back to his car told his wife to come out and grab the binoculars! I was thinking, yes now we can take a closer look, only to be disappointed, because I was only 6 years old, and I knew the chances of me getting the binoculars was slim to none.

Standing in between 4 adults now, and my brother, he had the edge becuase he was older then me, so I was pushed to the back. I heard the Mexican guy say even with the binoculars he couldn’t seem to say what it was, but he said it was leveltating and NOT SPINNING. He then said he didn’t know what it was, but thought we should get out of  there, because we were the only ones on this route, and didn’t want to try to stick around to see what its going to do.

This route only had number of farms and spacing land. Trees and grass mostly. So as the couple began to get in their car, my brother of all people, tried to take a picture. At the snap of the camera, after the light cleared, the unknown object….WAS GONE! Now of course it could have flown across the sky, right? Or maybe even went into the clouds, but like I said, the sky was clear, clear, clear, clear, and one more time, clear. No clouds at all!

So, I still wonder to this day what was it? We did not have anything on film or photo  after we developed the picture. This object was so fast, even the speed of light flashing couldnt capture this object. Now I’m no genius, but I’m smart enough to know that no bird nor aircraft could beat the speed of light without being noticable. NO HUMAN MADE OBJECT COULD DO IT! So whatever it was didn’t want to be exposed to the rest of the world. I’m assuming, or in theory, I think this object felt the energy from the flash of the camera coming towards it, and that maybe it thought it was being attacked, and vanished. But then I thought the technology of this object was SO GOOD, it sensed energy from the distance it was, to the ground where my brother took the picture.

Now thats some hell of technology that us earthlings can not compare to. If God made this earth, of course he made other things that are not suppose to be explanable. If it’s out there, stop looking for the truth, becuase the truth could hurt you! Literally. I kept this story to myself over the 2 decades. Im 25 years old right now, and I was 6 then, so why would anyone believe a 6 year old, right? I dont care what you believe, but do know that the unkown is still out there looking over us for what reason well…. we probably would never know!

Submitted by: Jamie

The Clearing

In 1977, a being appeared to me – her eyes were like looking at stars in the sky. She spoke to me with her mind, telling me I would play a role in earth awakening, in years to come between the years 2012 and 2015. And that I was born on a special day on april 22, which is related to the 22 extra terrestrial races that humans are made up of, and that i had the power to heal, and that I would be seeded with 22 to 24 levels of information for human dynamics.

Each info packet would unfold over time for years. I kept searching for her again and just recently found a image of the being on the internet and showed it on my youtube video called PLEIADIANS THE CLEARING. Since my encounter I have psychic abilty and can heal using a green light that emanates from my auric field. I also have the ability to feel things before they happen and a deep insight on relationships and the life and death mysteries and found a way to slow the aging process down in the human body.

I now do private secessions and ready to go public with my abilites please visit my website for more info.

Submitted by: Ty

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