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Kernersville North Carolina UFO Sighting

Hi I grew up in Kernersville NC,

One school day morning when I was still in middle school, my mom woke me and my siblings up to get ready for school.  Since I never make it to the shower first, I went for a drink of water instead.  Looking out of our kitchen window, I saw what I first thought were 2 very bright stars.

As I stared at how bright and big they were compared to the others, one shot across the sky. Immediately the second gave chase. They moved at impossible speeds back and forth across the sky like laser dots shining on a wall. It never occurred to me then that I saw SOMETHING.  I wondered as I watched for a good little bit the game of tag these two stars were playing with each other.

I waited until mama came into the kitchen to tell her what I had seen but she was all business that morning, no time for idle talk.  MOVE! MOVE! MOVE! GET DRESSED!

Never told anyone about this until just now.  I saw the previous account in Kernersville, NC and decided to tell mine. I was afraid because after all, there would certainly not be anything to report from this small NC town, not anything like this, that anyone would ever take seriously. Until maybe now.

Submitted by: EL

Unexplained Lights

Sometime between June 1973 and May 1974, my then fiance’ and now husband and I were watching a movie at the now defunct Monte Vista Drive Inn Theater in Gastonia, NC.

Sometime during the movie my husband asked me if I saw anything strange just to the right of the movie screen.  I had already noticed the strange lights but had not said anything. I had been watching the lights for about 5 minutes.

The lights were red and appeared to be going around whatever the object was.  The lights kept going around and around as if they weren’t just circling the object but were also a part of the object. At first there was just the one object but eventually there were four.

We watched these objects for quite a while and finally the objects took off, one after another, and never reappeared. I would love to know if anyone else saw these lights.  Many people laughed at us because we saw them at a drive in theater, however, that had NOTHING to do with what we saw and still talk about 40 years later.

Submitted by: Beth


Kitty Hawk UFO Sightings – A UFO Hotspot

Concerning the UFO sightings around the KITTY HAWK fishing pier, I am the sea CAPTAIN that was in a previous story. I am a native of the OUTER BANKS, NC and I go back 4 generations. I have listened to stories of UFO sightings in this area for all my life, and everyone that told stories of sightings were normal people.

Now we do have a bombing testing range here, in the sound waters, which are west of the pier. They do and always have dropped green, amber, red, and white flares that sit in the sky for a very long time. And sometimes they drop them all night, but they move very slow and seem to just hang there. The KITTY HAWK fishing pier is way east of the bombing range and sits out in the ATLANTIC OCEAN.

There have been too many credible sighting over that area for many years. I wonder what the settlers who dissapeard from ROANOKE ISLAND could tell us, if the missing could be contacted. I do not believe everyone is seeing it, but I know what I saw, and no government or officials can or will not convince me that I did not see something unexplainable.

Submitted by: Brian

Kitty Hawk UFO

On the night of May 17, 2012, I was fishing off the very end of the Kitty Hawk fishing pier.  I was catching skates; similar to stingrays for those unfamiliar, and had just taken one off the hook, when an object that made no sound passed so low and so close to the end of the pier that I could have hit it with a long enough cast.

The object had no exterior lights, and I might not have seen it at all if not for the two windows that seemed to be on each end of the craft where a faint pale light was emitted from inside.  The speed was incredible, the shaped seemed rectangular from my perspective, which was way too close for comfort, and I am forever haunted and intrigued.  Especially considering the other Kitty Hawk pier stories on this website which gave me the courage to share my experience.

Submitted by: NC Pier Fisherman

Kitty Hawk UFO – Fireball

This evening, May 4, 2012, at around 9:15pm (an hour ago), with my wife at the entrance to Kitty Hawk, NC., fishing pier, with a very slight, high overcast, we saw an orange fireball moving along the coast northward. It looked to be around 3 miles south and 1/2 mile offshore when we first saw it. Unusual because of its size and color (orange) looked much more like a fireball than a light, flickering slightly. Definitely not an airplane, no sound.

My wife discounted it as a hot air balloon, but it was moving at a high rate, similar to an aircraft and curved out just before the pier then headed almost due east. Almost no altitude change, and we watched it slowly disappear into the distance, maybe over 10 miles east.

This is the first UFO I have ever seen. I’m a private pilot, so I understand what aircraft lights look like. Very unusual experience. Four others witnessed the event from the pier parking lot and were all intrigued like us.

Submitted by: Mark

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