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Chevron Shaped UFO – Lancaster County

On March 5, 2010 at 9:30 at night I took my dog out to the back yard. I live about 3 miles from the airport in Lancaster County. I glanced up at the sky and saw an enormous, chevron shaped object slowly moving across the sky.

It had large, blood-red lights evenly spaced along the bottom, I guess about 5 of them. It made no sound at all and moved very smoothly. The edges were blurry, though, which was odd. If I hadn’t looked up at the time I never would know it was there. I notified the air force and MUFON. MUFON took a statement from me and said it was a credible report.

I am an airplane enthusiast and this was like nothing I’d ever seen before or since.

Submitted by: Tony


My UFO Experience – Lancaster County

I live in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. I don’t remember the date it happened or even around the date it happened, but it was around 10-11pm. My brother got a call from his friend that lived 15 minutes away from us asking if we could see something in the sky. We all (My brother,My Mom, My sister, and myself) went out onto our closed deck to see if we could see it and we could.

I have no idea what it was but I’m almost sure it was NOT a plane. It was way to high up in the sky to be a plane. It looked like your stereotypical “UFO.” It was kind of egg shaped with an orbit of lights around it with blue and red colors. It just hovered there for about 15 minutes then shot away out of no where.

We all believe it was something unexplainable. I got frustrated telling people and have no one believing me. I know what I saw and I definitiley couldn’t explain it. I’m sorry I couldn’t give more information at the time, I was so stunned I didn’t think to write down the date it happened.

Submitted by: Anonymous

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