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Three Small UFOs Come Out of Larger UFO

I had this UFO sighting experience was when I was living at my brother’s newly renovated townhouse, when he had asked me to be his assistant for his business. My brother and his family were sleeping on the third floor, while me and my sister-in-law’s nephew were sleeping on second floor. I was about to go to sleep and was lying on a pillow, staring at the stars outside the window. The window didn’t have glass yet, because the house was still under renovation. Suddenly I noticed that one of the stars started moving. I woke up my sister-in-law’s nephew, so that he could witness the UFO also.

We both stood up to get a closer look at the star. Then suddenly to our shock, a much smaller star came out from the moving star that we were looking at. It looked somewhat like a firefly, flying with an up and down motion,  and not in a straight line. Then after a few minutes, a couple more much smaller stars came out from the bigger one. In all, there were 3 smaller UFOS that came out of the larger one. It was an amazing  experience.

Submitted by: Shawn

Round Disk UFO with Glassy Appearance

I can’t remember the exact year of my UFO sighting, but it was definitely in the  late 90’s. The month, if  I am not mistaken, was in November around 5 pm…

My eldest brother, my mother, and myself were riding in a car. We were going to our province, in Cavite city. We were about to cross a bridge when suddenly my brother noticed an object in the air. To our amazement, it looked like a big round disk suspended in the air, with a short tail. It looked like it was made up of glass. We don’t know if other people noticed UFO, but it was broad daylight and it was easily visible to the naked eye. I just kept on pointing at the object so people would notice it too. When we crossed the bridge, the “disk” seemed to be moving slowly, and then in an instant, it was in the distance. I wonder how fast it flew in that moment for it to disappear into thin air.

Submitted by: Shawn

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