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Triangle UFO (Pyramid) and Many Other Flying Objects

It was couple minutes past midnight CEST on 22nd September 2011. I was standing on a balcony and looking to the sky. Suddenly flow up over my head 3 shiny objects creating together triangle. As I look better, it was connected through, creating one object, like pyramid.

It was really fast and huge and disappeared in around 10 seconds. I was shocked, never seen before something like this. Went inside room, took camera and back to the balcony. Waiting.

In couple minutes 12, maybe 15 another smaller objects, but still big to compare with plane or something else. Not flashing, no noise.. Were quietly the same way, like following that object, really fast, in no formation..

These objects were not so high in the air, I guess around 1 kilometer over the ground. And also in couple seconds disappeared. I was trying to make a video this time, but when I was checking it on my computer, there was just dark, nothing else. It was really dark outside.

I know that nobody will believe me without some material proof, but doesnt matter. I just want to write it here, thats all. I know what I saw, it was unbelieveable, but also later I was scared of this situation. Before I think I will not believe this to my friend who talks this to me, but now I believe everything about this things because of last night story. And I am sure, it was not airplanes, no baloons, no meteors, nothing I have ever seen before..

We are not alone..

Submitted by: Martin

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