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Unexplained Light Movement

I have tryed to rationalize what I saw a few years ago. It was a partly cloudy night, I was visiting a friend & was outside around 9pm sitting on the back steps having a cig & just happened to look up & see about 5 bright lights in a circular pattern. As I watched, one began to move out of the pattern & I remember thinking how can those spot lights reach that high (remember trying to justify what I see).

The light moved up & down zig zagged & then another one moved & seemed to be chasing it but I could not understand how they could move so fast & then stop so quickly & seem to just hover. At some point, one turned red while the others stayed white & so the chase began again but as if they were tumbling over one another or rolling down a hill. Well the fair was in town but it was atleast 15 miles away (trying to rationalize again that maybe its a new light show), I could see the other lights shineing behind the clouds so I knew it had to be at least 30,000 feet or more high & I really don’t think a town fair light show could display that high.

Anyway I’m glad to see I’m not alone in my sightings & have yet to see another one. Just wish the government would come clean & just acknowledge these unexplained incidents & what they know about them.

Submitted by: Melonie

I caught a “Flying Rod!”

I was throwing knives a few days ago (I am a Martial Artist) and the knife hit “something” midway to it’s target. I saw these sparks and some smoke coming up from the ground out of this “thing.”
Upon closer inspection… I could clearly make out that it looked just like one of those “RODS!”
I had chopped it completely in half. I picked it up, and it’s texture was exactly like a lizard’s and it did NOT have “wings” per se, but one continuous “wing” on each side of it’s body (along the entire length). The “wing’s” texture was different from its body, it was more rubbery, sort of like a bat wing.
I can now say with ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY that these are NOT living creatures! There were wires inside of this “THING!” I saw these strange letters written on one of the small “computer chip” like things inside of it, but I couldn’t make them out because half of the text was missing. After searching around and finding the other half of this “thing”, and putting them together, I could barely make out the words…


But as soon as I had read those words the thing made another spark and “blew up!” It just erupted in flames(burning my thumb)! But it didn’t go up all at once. The tip of the head and tail started first, and the rest of it went sort of like a sparkler. After a few seconds there was nothing left but fine ashes that were blown away in the wind.

I don’t expect anyone to believe it. I know that I wouldn’t believe it if someone told me the same thing, but I am telling you IT HAPPENED!

So all I have is my story, a burnt thumb, and an overwhelming sense of wonder of how technologically advanced our government has become. Sure, it said “Made In China”, but so are MANY of the items that we Americans use on a daily basis. Even some of our American flags are made in China! My point is… just because the “chip” said “Made in China” doesn’t neccesarily mean that it’s the Chinese spying on us. I mean, I am ASSUMING it’s for spying. Why else would you have a highly advanced robotic creature like “thing” flying around?
All I know is that everytime I see an insect, bug, bird, snake, lizard…etc, I wonder if it’s real, or ROBOTIC! I am actually a little scared because I KNOW about the “secret government” and the “New World Order,” and I imagine that this is something that THEY wouldn’t want to get “out there,” which is why I am posting what happened to me here (I know that THEY have control of ALL the “main stream media”). I also know that these “things,” being so technologically advanced to fly so fast, and to even to have a built in self distruct mechanism, in all probability,  has some kind of GPS or other way of pinpointing it’s location when I “injured” (or rather “broke”) it, and when it self destructed.

I KNOW how crazy this all sounds, but I had to get this “out there” just in case something happens to me. I have been noticing some STRANGE things since then. WEIRD THINGS! Like,………I GOTTA GO! SORRY!!

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