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Triangle UFO Over BP Power Plant

Me and my brother saw the UFO over Salt End BP power station. We actually had an encounter with this UFO triangle back in 2002. How do we know it was a triangle shape? Because it was above my car. My brother opened the sun roof and stood up and saw to his amazement, a huge black triangle.

The road we were on was the road going to Patrington, but it was a fair way off from there. My brother actually drew the super structure of this triangle – that’s how close it was! We kept on driving as it stayed with the car, then I saw a police car’s flashing lights approaching. Then the triangle turned towards the field and on the way to BP power station.

We parked up near a bus stop on the corner and got out and watched it hover over the power plant as it dropped a ball of some kind and started doing a pendulum swing for 15 minutes. Then we got back in the car and set off to Withernsea to see my parents, as that’s where we were going in the first place, until this happened. Then on the way back home approaching the bus stop, we saw the object in the opposite field.

This was an amazing experience what happened that night and still amazes me to this day. We actually published this story when it happened back in 2002 on the internet. This is very true what happened to us – just thought I would share it as I can see on here many people saw this UFO over Salt End BP. Its just that we had a closer encounter with it.

Submitted by: Ally


My UFO Sighting

I was walking with my partner to our house from a friends, its a 3 mile walk, and it was quite late at night about 10.30pm. We were on a quiet bit of road and for some reason we both looked up. We were puzzled by what we saw! It was a circular object quite low, but it was making no noise what so ever (so that rules out a plane or helicopter because either of those at that height would have been heard). It had 3 lights on the bottom in a triangle and there was a light on the front, id say like a search light, but it was scanning the clouds. We watched it for a few minutes until it disappeared behind a cloud and never re-appeared!

Submitted by: Roxanne

UFOs: Either They are Real or Everyone on this Site is Crazy

It was a couple of days ago, around 8pm. I was looking out of my window and there outside there were these big bright lights. At first I thought it was a plane, but I soon realised that a plane has red flashing lights.

This wasns’t a plane. Then suddenly, it vanished! Just like that, it went, very soon after I saw this thing in the sky… hopefully I shall see it again soon!

Submitted by: Cathy

Orange Ball UFO

I was in the house this evening and my friend was looking out of the window and saw an orange ball slowly gliding across the sky. She called me and my husband to see it.

This was a very weird thing to see it was like a ball of fire with a bright glow around it. The glow looked an unusual shape. I have never seen anything like this before. We watched it for a good few minutes while it was slowly gliding east to west across the sky.

Submitted by: Gail

Red and White UFO

I was walking my dog, Charlie, tonight (26th September 2009) around the block. As I got to the top of my road, I felt too cold to carry on, so we turned back to head home. On the way back I noticed six shooting stars, which is strange here, as I only see one once in a blue moon.

About 5 seconds after the last shooting star, I saw a red and white object in the sky coming from the southeast. At first I thought it was a plane going over until I realized it was round. I watched it as it flew over my head. Now, I’m not one for believing in aliens or UFO’s, but this has certainly changed my mind!

As it got just over my house, it stopped, then it shot up into the sky until I couldn’t see anything of its existence. I was so freaked out that I had to phone my friend and tell her what had happened, and make conversation until I was home.

Posted Anonymously

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