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UFO Sighted While Hiding Out Between Interstates 81 North and South

It all happened on a weeknight during the fall of 1985. My neighborhood rests right beside U S Interstate 81 – both North and South lanes. Our house sits at the end of our street next to 81 South. The year had not been a good one for me, I had gone through a succession of bad jobs. Plus I did not own a car at the time, which only added to my misery.  I was also living with my parents at the time, and had just quit another lousy job. Being too ashamed to tell my father, I would leave the house early and walk over to the steep drainage ditch which seperates both 81 North and South. This job was within walking distance of my home. Plus my position had been on the second shift, from 5 PM to 5 AM. My friends and I had been going in between the interstate for years. There are two sets of tunnels behind my house. They run underneath of the interstate. There is an opening between the tunnels. Which makes for a direct path to the ditch seperating the interstate.

Well as embarrassing as it was, I would leave my house and hide out in the ditch until it got dark. Then I would return to the neighborhood, and go to a friends house. I would stay there until midnight. Then return home and slip in through the basement door. I pulled this stupid stunt for almost a week until I finally got another job. But during one of those nights of hiding and waiting I saw a UFO!

It had just started to get dark to where you could see a few stars in the sky, yet it was still light enough that if a plane were to pass by you could clearly make it out, instead of just seeing the running lights. Well I’m sitting there, when suddenly to my immediate left I saw a bright light coming at a high rate of speed. It was silent mind you, no noise. And I said to myself,  “hey, alright a falling star.” But as I watched it, it wasn’t a star at all. It was a craft. It was cigar shaped, except it didn’t come to a point on both ends. It was blunt. The body color was a grayish metal look. And the nose had a four color light pattern on it. From top to bottom, left to right, it was blue, red, green, red. It came and went that fast. Yet for a split second, I saw it. It was traveling straight up 81 South. And the first thought that entered my head was, “they exist.” Then it scared me for a few minutes. Not the fear of it coming back, but knowing that if I could see one in my own home town, then you could see one anywhere. 

No I hadn’t been drinking or doing any type of drugs when I saw it. It was silent and fast. It came and it went that quickly. I know what I saw and it did not say USAF or CCCP on it, and I had never seen anything like it before. After all what does UFO stand for anyway? To think that if I had not been where I was, and doing what I was, then I would have never seen the UFO at all.  Plus, I was all alone, just me, so I did not say anything about it to anyone for some time after that, knowing that they wouldn’t belive me. I have been an aviation and UFO buff since I was in grade school. I know my planes and jets, and what I saw was neither. Of course, I have recounted this story to many people since then, but hardly any of them believe me.

Other than having seen a few odd little lights in the sky through the years, only once have I seen what I have just described. I have always belived in UFOs and alien life because of the many stories through the years. Surely all cannot be false. I feel privileged to have witnessed a UFO, and I shall never deny it.

Submitted by: Tim Franco

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