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Bell Shaped UFO in West Virginia

It was fall 1987, and we were getting ready for church when we heard a buzzing noise that just kept getting louder as we got dressed. We got in the car drove about a hundred yards and had to stop because there was a giant ball of light, like a lightning ball, so we got out of the car. There were about 20 people who ran to it for some reason. The buzzing stopped and the light started getting smaller until it completely disappeared, revealing a drab olive green bell shaped UFO. We all got very silent. There were different color lights on the side… I remember red and blue. There was a big white light underneath it. It seemed to me it was getting energy from the tree beside it, like it was refueling. This went on a few minutes. I got brave and was going to get closer, I was already about 20 ft away. I started to approach the UFO very fast, and the UFO started to brighten up and became a ball of light again. Then I slowed down and took notice, but i wanted to try to knock it out of the air for some reason. So I went at the UFO again. This time, it got bigger the closer I got to it, and then it started to move up the hill between trees. Finally it was at the mountain top, and it just seemed liked the lights turned off, and it was gone.  I say this lasted about 15 minutes all together.

Submitted by: Ted Mullins

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