My Brooklyn UFO Sighting

It was a hot day in August of 1960. I was 9 years old. My younger brother (Norris) and I were playing Stoopball, a very popular game of that era, when suddenly the sky began to change from blue to a kind of pinkish orange color.

In amazement I stopped playing and began looking towards the sky. At that point, I asked Norris to look up and see the funny colored sky. I was a little upset with him for showing absolutely no interest in what I was looking at as he calmly told me that he wanted to finish the game.

All of a sudden I began to see flashes of lightning. Again, I was amazed because even as a child, I knew that when you see lightning, it’s usually followed by the sound of thunder. However, that day, I saw lightning but heard no thunder.

At that point, I saw a tiny red dot appear in the pink sky. This time I yelled at my brother Norris to look at the sky. Again, he showed no interest in what I was looking at as he pouted “Let’s finish the game!”

I quickly walked away from him and went to the corner of the block to get a better look. By the time I reached the corner two more tiny red dots appeared.

“Look” “look” I kept screaming to my brother but, he just walked away angrily because I didn’t want to finish the game.

I was so amazed by the way those dots were flying independently from left to right and would stop in midair and hover like a helicopter. I assumed that they were going back to space because they started getting smaller and smaller until they disappeared. Soon afterwards the lightning stopped and the sky returned to blue.

I never really spoke much about that day. Maybe it was because I couldn’t get my brother to look up and back my story.

Submitted by: Douglas B. Alford

UFO Sighting While Taking a Late Night Dip

One late summer night in august 2006 around 3am, me and a female friend of mine went for a late night swim in my backyard pool.

Twenty minutes later as we were outside leaving the pool to dry off, a large football field sized black triangle shaped object with dark orange round lights flew very low right over our heads. It made no noise at all. We both froze in shock. We both couldn’t believe what we both saw. I was more scared than curious.

We both ran inside and looked out my windows wondering what was that huge object we just saw…..

Submitted by: Sal

Kernersville North Carolina UFO Sighting

Hi I grew up in Kernersville NC,

One school day morning when I was still in middle school, my mom woke me and my siblings up to get ready for school.  Since I never make it to the shower first, I went for a drink of water instead.  Looking out of our kitchen window, I saw what I first thought were 2 very bright stars.

As I stared at how bright and big they were compared to the others, one shot across the sky. Immediately the second gave chase. They moved at impossible speeds back and forth across the sky like laser dots shining on a wall. It never occurred to me then that I saw SOMETHING.  I wondered as I watched for a good little bit the game of tag these two stars were playing with each other.

I waited until mama came into the kitchen to tell her what I had seen but she was all business that morning, no time for idle talk.  MOVE! MOVE! MOVE! GET DRESSED!

Never told anyone about this until just now.  I saw the previous account in Kernersville, NC and decided to tell mine. I was afraid because after all, there would certainly not be anything to report from this small NC town, not anything like this, that anyone would ever take seriously. Until maybe now.

Submitted by: EL

I Know What I Saw

3/27/01 ~ clear night sky, no clouds, stars very bright. The craft looked to be around 35 to 40 feet across.

I was taking my daughter to catch her ride to work at 8:45pm. She saw the craft approaching from the SW heading across the left front of our car. At that time she screamed to stop the car “dad its a UFO!”

No sooner than she got those words out the car sputtered to a stop along the dark country road. I looked out the window and there it was not more than 300 ft above us.

It was disc shaped. The top was a slightly curved (dome like). The bottom (as I took it to be) was even less curved, almost flat. It was grayish in color, metallic looking with no seams. It looked like it was all 1 piece. There were 3 softly light orange orbs on the bottom spaced out in a triangle shape.

As it was going over us I got out of car and could feel something like strong static pulling on me. Funny thing is, it looked as if it was tipped up on its side with the top moving ahead. It was only moving at a very slow pace, maybe 5 mph. There was no sound that I recall after getting out of car, but before exiting car, as it was coming overhead, I heard a low drone like thumping sound.

After all this, it proceeded across the farm field and up the side of a hill and seemed to stop over a revolutionary war monument (Sullivan’s Monument at Newtown Battlefield State Park). At that time it changed to a white light that grew in intensity until very bright then all at once, POOF! It was gone – just like vanished.

If it left, instead of vanishing, it must have flown at a very high rate of speed directly away from us. It was gone instantly, or the light simply went out.

The car started right up and we drove to where my daughters ride was already waiting. We were 10 minutes late and we should have been a few minutes early.

I noticed the next day, and for about 3 – 4 days after, everyday there were unmarked dark green MD500 type Helicopters flying around that area, which I had never seen there before.

Submitted by: Dave


Unexplained Lights

Sometime between June 1973 and May 1974, my then fiance’ and now husband and I were watching a movie at the now defunct Monte Vista Drive Inn Theater in Gastonia, NC.

Sometime during the movie my husband asked me if I saw anything strange just to the right of the movie screen.  I had already noticed the strange lights but had not said anything. I had been watching the lights for about 5 minutes.

The lights were red and appeared to be going around whatever the object was.  The lights kept going around and around as if they weren’t just circling the object but were also a part of the object. At first there was just the one object but eventually there were four.

We watched these objects for quite a while and finally the objects took off, one after another, and never reappeared. I would love to know if anyone else saw these lights.  Many people laughed at us because we saw them at a drive in theater, however, that had NOTHING to do with what we saw and still talk about 40 years later.

Submitted by: Beth


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